Virginia Commonwealth University


Grit. Urban. Diversity. Access. Only VCU owns this unique blend of qualities. They define us. They make us one of America’s premier research universities. What we do here — what we study, teach, research and create — doesn’t mark the boundaries of what we can contribute. It marks the beginning.

Michael Rao Michael Rao, Ph.D., president,
Virginia Commonwealth University
and VCU Health System




It’s all part of our trademark.

At VCU, we work together as one university to achieve real results. From major breakthroughs in AIDS research to unparalleled doggedness in athletics, we put our stamp on the world.



Academics and innovation intertwine against Richmond’s vibrant landscape.

Our students launch businesses here. An international bike race whizzes through our campus. Award-winning community partnerships thrive, and the James River comes alive with student and faculty research. VCU shapes Richmond, and Richmond shapes us.


We celebrate a track record that speaks to it: Virginia’s most diverse university student body.

More minority graduates than anyplace in the state. Graduation gaps closed for minority students. Our diversity makes us a national model — an evolving one, as we continue to enhance diversity in every way.



Without compromise, we are committed to student access and student success.

We fundamentally focus on people and the creativity and concepts that will help them flourish. We roll up our sleeves and work to eliminate any obstacles standing in the way of opportunity.