“Yes” makes us one of America’s premier research universities.

Yes gives opportunity to the students we admit, to the leaders we graduate and to the faculty we celebrate. But our tenacity makes us. Our work defines us. And the proof is in these facts and figures.

Enrollment, graduation and retention

31,242 Student enrollment total
Minority 39.9%
Underrepresented 27.8%
Six-year graduation rate 62.3%
Six-year graduation rate (African American students) 59.7%
Students taking 15 credits or more (first-time freshmen) 84%
First-year retention rates 85.8%

Degrees and certificates

7,810 Total degrees and certificates awarded in FY15
Baccalaureate = 5,212 Master’s = 1,556 Doctoral = 306 First professional = 412 Undergraduate post-baccalaureate certificates = 130 Graduate post-baccalaureate certificates = 174 Graduate post-master’s certificates = 20


University 11,477
VCU Health System 10,202
Total 21,679

Faculty demographics

7.9% T&R underrepresented
21.7% T&R faculty are minority
363 of all tenure and tenure-track faculty are female
364 faculty hires
3,106 Total number faculty (full-time, T&R and A&P)


7 Individual A-10 champions
3.02 Cumulative GPA of student-athletes
39 All-conference accolades
4 A-10 championships
173 (64%) Number of student-athletes earning 3.0 GPA or higher

Institutional advancement

Make It Real Campaign for VCU goal: $750,000,000 New philanthropic commitments: $91,845,814
183,067 Total number of living alumni
38.9% Alumni living in Richmond

Community engagement

VCU students
participating in service work: 12,762
Provided assistance to area schools and community-based organizations 1,462,854 Hours
VCU employees
who used service leave: 1,460
Provided assistance to area schools and community-based organizations 15,486 Hours
community-engaged 64 research projects
carried out by 26 academic units
involved 80 community partners

Research and innovation

Of the $271 million in sponsored awards, $144 million are federally funded grants
sponsored awards $271 million
federally funded grants $144 million
Student entrepreneurialism

Entrepreneurial programs for students: 18
Student participation: 2,079
Pitches heard: 256
Ideas assisted: 37
Businesses formed: 24
Businesses at initial revenue: 15
$1 million+ total revenue/grants/investments generated by student startups

Faculty innovation

Number of invention disclosures: 134
Patents filed: 156
Patents issued: 13
Copyrights: 1
Licenses/options: 17
Research support agreements: 48

Physical capacity

Monroe Park Campus 94.7 acres
MCV Campus 55.5 acres
Other 582 acres


Total for VCU, VCU Health System and affiliated foundations (2014-15)
Revenues and capital additions $3,720.4 million
Expenditures $3,441.5 million

2015-16 University Annual Report
2015-16 University Annual Report