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As we reflect on the past year, we are in awe of the strength of the people who have carried us through it all. Throughout this pandemic, the entire VCU Health System team has proven their unwavering commitment to those we serve, even when faced with the most serious of obstacles. Their compassion and perseverance have made them — and our health system — truly unstoppable.

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Patient care

It was the year when 13,295 people pushed themselves to the limit.

Their feet hurt. They missed their family. They felt exhausted. But they powered through it all to fight COVID-19 and every other challenge of this incomprehensible year. Throughout the pandemic, each person who works for our health system performed on a heroic level. It took strength. It took fearlessness. And on some nights, it took a lot of coffee.

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Our students learned about medicine, perseverance and turning on a dime.

Health sciences students were on the front lines in clinical care. Our School of Pharmacy was the driving force behind a highly successful community vaccination campaign. And while dental schools across the country closed their doors, ours mounted a herculean response to COVID-19 safety and health disparities. This was the year of learning by doing more than ever.

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Health equity

As monuments fell, we worked to topple barriers.

Throughout the year, diversity, equity and inclusion were more than talking points here. They were points of action. As COVID-19 shed new light on health care disparities, we worked to help those most impacted. We established “vaccine hubs” and the VCU Vaccine Corps to bring immunization to all. We served the underserved, and proved we will always be their advocate in health.

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We could have just focused on the here and now. But tomorrow’s not going to wait.

Yes, COVID-19 is here. But so are cancer, heart disease and every other health condition. So throughout 2020 and 2021, we continued our research efforts across the health care landscape, with 625 active clinical studies. Cancers, substance use, sickle cell, pregnancy intervention, dental disease, disparities — our quest for answers was unstoppable.

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The pandemic continued. Our growth never stopped.

Through labor challenges, supply chain issues and COVID-19 shutdowns, we forged on to build the future of health care. So our area’s children will have world-class resources. Patients of all ages will be able to access services more easily. More communities will have more options. And when tomorrow comes, we’ll all be ready for it.

Arthur Kellermann, M.D., M.P.H.

Welcome to Dr. Arthur Kellermann, VCU Health’s new CEO, SVP

On Oct. 1, 2020, we were just seven months into the pandemic. The country was bracing for a surge in cases as the holidays approached. It was a mission critical point in time. And it was Dr. Art Kellermann’s first day as our health system’s new CEO and senior vice president for health sciences.

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