Year in review

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center spent 2014 conducting successful research with far-reaching impact, earning high-level grants and leading efforts to advance medical education. Plus, we were honored with some pretty impressive distinctions for the quality of our care.

Take a moment to explore our headlines in this timeline. For a comprehensive list of 2014 news stories, visit the VCU News archives.

  1. January


    New target for brain cancer treatment uncovered

    Researchers study novel targeted therapies

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  2. February


    VCU Department of Rehabilitation Counseling ranks No. 1

    Group’s research lauded by national publication

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  3. Researchers identify metabolic signaling pathway

    Findings could further understanding of human metabolism and obesity

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  4. March


    Key enzyme related to heart-valve disease discovered

    Findings could help development of new antibiotics

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  5. April


    Sibling study hits on criminal behavior

    Research links family environment and violent crime

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  6. June


    Student team chosen to become “hot spotters”

    Method could help control future health care costs

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  7. CHoR ranks in nephrology

    Hospital ranked No. 28 by U.S. News & World Report

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  8. July


    Researchers work toward a vaccine against tick-transmitted disease

    Study addresses a critical need

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  9. VCU Medical Center best hospital in Richmond metro area

    Honor earned fourth year in row

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  10. August


    NIH grant expands Alcohol Research Center

    $6.9 million will help further advances in treatment, control and prevention

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  11. Geriatrics course to be licensed to other universities

    VCU curriculum was first designed in 2010

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  12. September


    New center to target cocaine addiction

    VCU receives five-year, $6 million grant

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  13. Lung Cancer Screening Center designation

    Title earned from American College of Radiology

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  14. October


    Participation in ACC’s Patient Navigator Program

    Heart center works to reduce heart attack and heart failure readmission rates

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  15. November


    VCU wins C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award

    Recognized for Pharmacist Collaborative Care and Outreach in the Community program

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  16. Injectable antidote for carbon monoxide poisoning developed

    Alumnus’ research could have far-reaching benefits

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  17. Medical school to test guidelines for entering residency

    VCU one of 10 schools selected nationwide

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  18. December


    Medication management program reduces health care costs

    Estimated savings total $1.2 million

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  19. Researchers discover schizophrenia risk diminished by high IQ

    Findings contradict conventional wisdom

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