Presidential Annual Report


Student research

At a premier research university, a passion for discovery and inquiry is not reserved for faculty and graduate students alone.

That is why VCU celebrates Student Research Week in April, particularly aimed at giving undergraduate students a chance to showcase their research. This year’s Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium drew 200 students exhibiting 150 posters, both records.

While that event was growing, another was just beginning. The inaugural Venture Creation Competition, hosted by the VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation, brought 87 students comprising 40 teams who submitted ideas, concepts or technologies for a business venture. These students designed everything from a high-tech bicycle rack to a device to help people with asthma enjoy a more normal life.

The winning team of Katie Acosta, Jerry Roback, Mena Xiong and Brian Jang won $4,000 for developing ice cream cones with flavors like red velvet, honey lavender and mocha. They are proof that innovation comes in all flavors at VCU.