Presidential Annual Report



At VCU, going green is not just a catch phrase.

During the past year, VCU installed solar photovoltaic systems on the West Broad Street and N parking decks, which are the two largest solar array projects in Virginia and provide all of the power for deck lighting. In addition, VCU also completed a solar hot water system for the Shafer Court Dining Center.

The university also unveiled several gardens on campus. The Pollak Building’s rooftop garden serves as a learning environment for students and, through the installation of a wind turbine, will also be used to study the financial payback for harnessing wind power on campus.

A second garden, on 10th Street, includes plots owned by students, faculty, staff and community members that serve as an open teaching area, as well as two plots run and managed by student volunteers who will donate all the food grown to local food banks.